sounds good

Client: Wifi reception sucks. I’ve rebooted but doesn’t seem to help.

Email Response: Ok I changed the frequency level on the wireless band now, Let me know if it’s better.

Client: What the hell is frequency?

Email Response: The band that the wifi device “spritzes” out its signal. If many devices in the same building use the same wifi “lane” it causes a wifi traffic jam. I changed “lanes”.

Client: Sounds good to me. It’s much better now!

Technology support can often be frustrating. A bit of humor always helps to get through it all. Read / Some of many entertaining read life client interactions we have. Enjoy / the bit of humor that allows us to often maintain our sanity with those less technologically fortunate than us. Share / this and other humor bits of life found on our site.
Have any funny technology related interactions to share? Let us know, we’d love to post and share your real life gags with end users who often leave us speechless when it comes to their technological frustrations.
With a combined of over 50 years of IT experience you can be assured that humorous interactions are encountered on a daily basis. We realize technology can be frustrating to those less fortunate than us to devote their lives to IT. And as it should, you have your specialty and we have ours. And there is never a dull moment when your technology doesn’t work for you. That’s why we’re here. With our knowledge and experience we can hopefully take “the bite” our of your technological frustrations – after all don’t you have enough frustration in your day? You don’t need more grief and annoyance from the machines that are meant to serve you. Makes you sort of want to live back in simpler times 🙂

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